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geolocation::Geolocation Class Reference

Inherits _zeitgeist::engine::extension::Extension.

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Detailed Description

For some workflows it can be practical to identify the location where
certain activities were carried out. This Geolocation extension enables
Zeitgeist to keep track of the physical location of the computer at the
moment when events are inserted.

The Geolocation extension for Zeitgeist has DBus object path
:const:`/org/gnome/zeitgeist/geolocation` under the bus name

Definition at line 54 of file geolocation.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def find_events_for_locations
def find_locations_for_events
def FindEventsForLocations
def FindLocationsForEvents
def post_insert_event

Static Public Attributes

string in_signature = "au"
string out_signature = "a(dddd)"
list PUBLIC_METHODS = ["find_events_for_locations", "find_locations_for_events"]

Private Member Functions

def _find_position
def _get_events
def _get_position
def _make_events_sendable
def _position_changed_cb

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

 _position = None

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